Mercy HospitalCalcutta, India

Welcome to Calcutta Mercy Hospital

Established to love and serve the city of Calcutta, as envisioned by founder, Mark Buntain, Calcutta Mercy Hospital strives to provide the finest, affordable healthcare in the region.  Its logo, with hands in the arpan position, represents the hospital's commitment to selflessly serve the people of Calcutta and its surrounding neighborhoods, especially the underprivileged.  Since the hospital's inauguration in 1977, its partners have dedicated at least 40% of their resources to provide free healthcare to poverty-stricken men, women, and children who could not otherwise afford medical treatment.  To date, this has amounted to over 800,000 people receiving free healthcare services.

Today, Calcutta Mercy Hospital contains 173 beds in a six-story building with 30 specialty centers.  With its diverse services and prime location in downtown Calcutta, Calcutta Mercy Hospital is well equipped to serve all of your healthcare needs.